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Where to Have a Turkish Bath in Sirkeci, Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the largest and most historical cities in Turkey. The city has a rich diversity in terms of culture, art, architecture and gastronomy. One of the most important attractions of Istanbul is the traditional Turkish baths. The Turkish bath is a bathing culture that has existed since the Ottoman period. In the hammam, the body is cleaned, exfoliated, massaged and relaxed in a warm and humid environment. Hamam is a useful activity in terms of both health and socialising.

There are many baths in Istanbul, but there are some baths in the Sirkeci area that attract particular attention. Sirkeci is a historical neighbourhood located between Sultanahmet and Eminönü. There are affordable and high quality hammams here for both local and foreign tourists. Here are some places where you can have a Turkish bath in Sirkeci:

Tulipa Health Club: This spa centre is located inside the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel İstanbul Sirkeci . Here you can experience both modern and traditional Turkish baths. The spa centre offers not only a hammam but also a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and fitness centre. Here you can try peeling, foam massage and oil massage as well as Thai massage performed by Thai masseuses.

If you want to have a Turkish bath in Sirkeci, you should definitely visit these places. You will have an experience that will relax both your body and your soul.

Where to Have a Turkish Bath in Sirkeci, Istanbul?
Where to Have a Turkish Bath in Sirkeci, Istanbul?


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