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What is the Groom's Hamam?

What is the Groom's Hamam?
What is the Groom's Hamam?

If you are planning to get married in Turkey, or you are invited to a Turkish wedding, you might wonder what is the groom's hamam. This is a traditional ceremony that takes place in a Turkish bath, or hamam, where the groom and his male friends and relatives enjoy a relaxing and festive time before the big day.

The groom's hamam is not just a place to wash and groom. It is also a social and cultural event that has been practiced for centuries in Turkey and other regions influenced by Turkish culture. The hamam is a symbol of cleanliness, purity and health, as well as a place where people can bond, chat, have fun and celebrate important occasions.

The groom's hamam usually happens on the wedding day or the day before, depending on the local customs. The groom and his guests go to a hamam that is reserved for them, or they choose a time when the hamam is open only for men. They bring their own towels, soap, shampoo, razors and other toiletries, as well as some food and drinks to share.

The ceremony starts with the groom and his friends entering the hot room of the hamam, where they lie on a large heated marble platform called the navel stone. They sweat and relax, while a professional attendant, or tellak, massages and scrubs their bodies with a rough cloth called a kese. This removes the dead skin and dirt, and opens the pores. The tellak then rinses them with hot water using a metal bowl called a tas.

After this cleansing ritual, the groom and his friends move to the warm room of the hamam, where they wash themselves with soap and shampoo. They can also shave, cut their nails, apply cologne or do any other grooming activities. They then wrap themselves in colorful towels called pestemals, and put on wooden clogs called nalins to protect their feet from the wet floor.

The next part of the ceremony is the entertainment. The groom and his friends sit on cushions or benches in the cool room of the hamam, where they enjoy some snacks and drinks. They may also listen to music, sing songs, play games or tell jokes. Sometimes, they invite musicians or dancers to perform for them. The atmosphere is cheerful and lively, as they congratulate the groom and wish him happiness and success in his marriage.

The groom's hamam is a unique and memorable experience that reflects the rich and diverse culture of Turkey. It is a way of honoring the groom and his friends, as well as preparing him for his new life with his bride. It is also a fun and relaxing way of spending some quality time with your male buddies before you tie the knot.


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