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How to Make Bridal Bath?

How to Make Bridal Bath?
How to Make Bridal Bath?

The bridal bath is a ceremony organised for the bride in a Turkish bath the day before the wedding. In the bridal bath, the bride is washed with scrub and foam, food is eaten and entertainment is organised. The bridal bath is a very old tradition and various customs are fulfilled while relieving stress with music and treats. The bride is decorated and comes to the bath wearing her jewellery. The washing of the bride in the hamam is organised as a special ceremony and is attended by family and friends. This bathing ceremony, full of music, food and lots of laughter, helps the bride to relieve stress before the wedding.

At Tulipa Heath Club, we offer a special bridal bath service worthy of sultans. In the unique design of Ottoman architecture, we enable you to perform the bridal bath ritual in the original way.

Discover Bridal Bath Service Worthy of Sultans

You can make the bridal bath, which is a fun and very enjoyable custom among wedding customs, in a quality way with our special Turkish bath service worthy of sultans. You can experience unforgettable Turkish bath memories in our baths that host the bride, her family and friends like sultans. Inspired by Ottoman traditions, you can choose the right address with us for the bridal bath offered with modern services.

Tulipa Heath Club is modern and luxurious baths designed according to Ottoman traditions. You will experience special services and events with us for bridal bath organisations, which are the most special times for brides. You can plan your own organisation or you can choose the luxurious and stylish organisation we make. We plan all the details for you and fully realise it, from an unforgettable traditional ceremony to music, food or other events.

What are the Bridal Bath Traditions?

One of the most important customs of the bridal bath is the establishment of the throne. The bride is seated on the throne and henna is burnt on her head. During the henna burning ceremony, the bride's friends also burn henna and make wishes. After the henna burning ceremony, the bride and guests are taken to the scrub foam massage. After the foam massage, the bride takes a milk bath. Milk bath is done to soften and whiten the skin.

Treats also have an important place in the bridal bath. Cold appetisers, hot canapes and desserts are usually served in the bridal bath. Drinks such as fruit juice, tea and coffee are also served. Music is also indispensable for entertainment in the bridal bath. The bride and her guests revel in various local melodies.

Gifts are also unforgettable at the bridal bath. The bride gives gifts such as towels, soaps, scrubs to the guests. Guests also jewel the bride with gold or money.

Suggestions for Bridal Bath

- Make the bridal bath at least a week before the wedding. Thus, give your skin time to rest and regenerate.

- Book your bridal bath in advance and let us know how many people are coming. This way, the hammam can be specially prepared for you and sufficient staff can be provided.

- When choosing your bridal hammam, pay attention to criteria such as cleanliness, hygiene, comfort and quality. The fact that the hammam has a design in accordance with Ottoman traditions will also enhance your bridal bath experience.

- Prepare the clothes and jewellery you will wear in your bridal bath in advance. In the bridal bath, accessories such as bridal loincloth, bridal crown, bridal slippers are generally used. When choosing your jewellery, choose models that are not exaggerated but stylish.

- Do not neglect to have fun in your bridal bath. Make your bridal bath a pleasant day with activities such as music, games, chatting. Take stress in your bridal bath and share your wedding excitement.

The bridal bath is an unforgettable experience for both the bride and the guests. If you want to feel like a sultan on this special day, you can choose Tulipa Heath Club. You can contact us for detailed information and appointment about our bridal bath. +90 552 636 5609


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