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How to Get from Atatürk Airport to Sirkeci?

How to Get from Atatürk Airport to Sirkeci?
How to Get from Atatürk Airport to Sirkeci?

Getting from Atatürk Airport to Sirkeci, a central point in Istanbul, offers several transportation options. Here are the different ways to make this journey:

1. Taxi

Why Choose It? It's a quick and direct option, especially convenient if you have luggage.

How to? Head to the taxi stands at the airport terminals and negotiate with a reliable taxi driver to take you directly to Sirkeci. The journey might take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic conditions.

2. Havaş Shuttle Service

Why Choose It? It’s an economical option, and the Havaş buses generally operate at specific times.

How to? Go to the Havaş shuttle stops located outside the airport's international arrivals terminal. Board a bus heading towards Sirkeci. These buses usually depart every half an hour and the journey takes about 1 hour.

3. Public Transportation

Why Choose It? It's budget-friendly and allows you to experience the city’s vibe more closely.

How to? To use public transportation from the airport to the city center, take the metro first. Head to the metro station at the airport and take the metro towards Aksaray station. From Aksaray, transfer to the Marmaray line to reach Sirkeci station.

4. Private Transfer Services

Why Choose It? Offers a comfortable and personalized transportation experience.

How to? There are private transfer services available that you can pre-book. These services provide you with a dedicated vehicle for a direct transfer to Sirkeci or your preferred destination.

Traveling from Atatürk Airport to Sirkeci offers various transportation options, catering to different preferences. Choose the mode of transportation that best suits your needs for a comfortable and efficient journey to Sirkeci.

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