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Is There a Spa in and Near Gülhane Park?

Is There a Spa in and Near Gülhane Park?
Is There a Spa in and Near Gülhane Park?

Gülhane Park is a historical city park in Eminönü district of Istanbul. It is located next to and on the grounds of Topkapi Palace. The southern entrance of the park has one of the largest gates of the palace. It is one of the oldest and largest public parks in Istanbul.

Although Gülhane Park has existed since 1806, it was not open to the public until 1912. The park was part of the outer garden of Topkapi Palace. However, it was later transformed into a large park spanning more than 80 hectares.

Gülhane Park is within walking distance of the major sights of Istanbul. You can easily reach places such as Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum and Sultanahmet Square. You can also reach the park by public transport or car.

There are many things you can do in the park. You can have a picnic, attend concerts, enjoy the beautiful gardens and the magnificent view of the Marmara Sea. The park also contains historical artefacts from the Roman period, such as the Column of Goths.

The source of the name of the park is Gülhane. Gülhane is located in the park and is the place where the Tanzimat Edict of 1839 was announced. The Tanzimat Edict was a reform that started modernisation in the Ottoman Empire and included the equalisation of all Ottoman citizens before the law, regardless of religion.

If you are looking for a spa close to Gülhane Park, consider visiting Tulipa Health Club at the DoubleTree by Hilton Sirkeci. The spa offers a range of services and facilities that will pamper your body and mind and help you recover from the stress of everyday life.

The spa is located on the -2 floor of the hotel. The spa uses natural and organic products that are gentle on your skin and hair and improve your health.

Some of the services and facilities you can find at the Spa include:

- A Turkish bath where you can experience the traditional cleansing and exfoliation ritual that has been practised in Turkey for centuries. You can choose from different types of scrubs and soaps and then enjoy a relaxing massage.

- Sauna and steam room where you can sweat out toxins and foreign substances from your body, improve your blood circulation and immune system. You can also benefit from aromatherapy and chromotherapy, which create a relaxing atmosphere.


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